3 Quick Ways To Organize Your Bedroom

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When you have piles of stuff and clothes scattered all over your bedroom then it’s time you need to start organizing your room. When you have a disorganized room, this is not only unpleasant but it can have a drastic negative effect on your mood too. Clutter and messes in your surroundings are known to trigger emotions of stress and even depression so it’s important to have your room organized in order to feel happy and light. Read on to find out some tips to get started.

Remove things from the floor

Firstly, you must pick up anything fallen on the floor so if you have clothes, extra sheet sets in Australia, books, magazines laying around the floor. Pick them up. It’s important to sort these items in to piles if you want to start organizing your room. When you are done sorting out the stuff fallen on the floor, the only things touching the ground must be the furniture and your shoes. This is important as a first step because it will help you clean your room better. 

Create boxes for items to be disposed 

When the floor is clear, get some boxes labeled with things to throw away or donate and things to keep. Unless something has a sentimental value to you, don’t be afraid to remove items that you have not used in a long time. If you find several items of the same thing, get rid of the older ones and keep only the new ones for example a 700gsm wool quilt or linens.

Storage space 

The next step is to store all the items you have in to your storage space. This must be done by dividing your storage in to several organized sections for similar items. Group your items in to neat and tidy piles, clothes for example need to be folded. This will look pleasant and is also an efficient way of making use of limited space. Another efficient method to hang handbags and belts is to hang a hook on the wall so that they can be easily hung instead of dropping them on the floor when in a hurry. Remember that organizing your room also means that it needs to be easy for you to maintain the room throughout even when you are in a hurry. So if you have to roll your belt and fit it in to a drawer inside your closet, this might not be a long term solution. It would be inconvenient and time consuming when you have just come home from work or an outing.