Baby-Proof Your House

Having a baby is a dream come true for many couples and they do just about anything to ensure that the baby grows up safely and kept out of harm’s way. One of the biggest problems that is faced by new parents is converting their house into a baby-proof house where they can live without fear that the child is risk free. There are many ways that you can do this to your house, out of which the most essential ones can be shown as below.


The floor of your house is very essential from the very early stages of the baby as he/she would be spending a lot of down time there crawling and walking. However, at the very small stages infants used to lick the floor or pick up stuff from the floor and put them in their mouths as they start teething. So you have to carefully determine the type of floor and also ensure that you put a clean rug over the floor to ensure that the items they pick off the ground are clean and dust free. The best type of choice would be wooden flooring Christchurch as it is often less slippery and can be cleaned off easily. But even if it is, make sure you lay a clean rug that should be changed at least once a week near the areas that your baby is mostly staying in.


Houses at the present are full of electrical devices and plugs and sockets acting as outlets and inlets for electricity. These devices should always be disconnected and kept on top shelves etc. to avoid the children reaching for them and playing with them. Also, the sockets which are at below the knee level should be sealed off with baby-proof covers or duct tape where the children cannot insert their fingers inside the sockets. The wires which are dangling should be clipped together and kept raised so that the crawling babies will not go over them and avoid getting electrocuted. 


You will be spending a lot of time in the bathroom, bathing the baby and cleaning up or changing the diapers. Sometimes you will have to carry the baby and run to the washroom to avoid any messes. Therefore the bathroom should be equipped with non-slippery bathroom tiles or flooring so that you or the baby will not slip and fall inside. Also, make it a habit to keep the door firmly closed always.


If you live in a storied house with a staircase you should ensure that you prevent the entrance by inserting a gate at the bottom of the stairs so that the baby can’t crawl upstairs. Often when the baby sees his/her parents climbing up and down, chances are he/she might try crawl when they are not being observed.

Above are the most essential steps to ensure your house is baby-proof however, this does not mean you can leave your child alone and unsupervised. Make sure you watch over them always as the tiniest mistake could make you regret.