Harmful Homes: Getting Rid of Harmful Materials in Your House

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Of course we don’t want our homes to be harmful to anyone, but sometimes, our homes can stock harmful material and appliances without our knowledge. This is especially true of older houses that were built before the stringent safety regulations of today were imposed. Sometimes it’s just a matter of technology finally catching up with the consequences. So here is a list of things that may be in your home and are harmful to your health

You’re Cooling Box

Once upon a time, refrigerators were made using chloro flouro carbon, or CFC as it is more popularly known, to keep the interior of the refrigerator cool. For a long time no one knew that CFC was harmful to the environment because it was a Greenhouse Gas – one of the gases that would trap sunlight within the atmosphere and increase the temperature of the Earth. After scientists figured this out, there was a call for the banning of CFC. Unfortunately, this took a while as it was used in so many refrigerators and so many homes. Eventually however, scientists came up with Hydro chloro flouro carbon (HCFC) gas which is environment- friendly and is what is used in refrigerators today. If you have a fridge that is more than a few decades old, please dispose of it responsibly.

You’re Roofing Structures

Many homes asbestos sheets for their roofs because of its many excellent properties: it is heat resistant, fire resistant, water proof, doesn’t conduct electricity and it comes in all sizes and can be painted in all colours – ideal for the modern home. Unfortunately, asbestos is also a highly hazardous material that no one knew was harmful until recently. Doctors found that when asbestos are disturbed in any way, such as in asbestos removal in Melbourne or fixing, they release small fibres that we breathe in and then get clogged up in our lungs.

Construction workers who are constantly exposed to naked asbestos are at high risk of developing asbestosis, where the lungs are inflamed due to asbestos fibres. They are also a confirmed carcinogenic. If your roof has asbestos call a company that specializes in asbestos service and use alternatives.

The Paint on Your Walls

If your house was built pre- 70’s and 80’s, it’s possible that the paint used on the walls was lead- based. Lead is a versatile alloy used in soldering, making paints and various other uses in construction. Unfortunately, lead is also deadly. Lead poisoning can cause cancer, memory loss, decrease in sperm count, miscarriages and others. Although lead- based paints were outlawed around the world in the 70’s and 80’s there are still plenty of other items that can contain lead such as bathroom appliances that are soldered, lead foil etc. Continues exposure is fatal so call for a lead inspection in your home and take steps to protect yourself.