Pick Wood Furniture The Right Way!

Are you picking wooden furniture for your house? Wooden furniture is sturdy and above everything, it has a feeling of nature that other materials cannot quite come close to. However, when buying wooden furniture, there are many things you have to watch out for – or you will end up with a warped or broken wooden item a few years (or even less!) down the road. Some of these pointers are:

• Material and quality – material and quality largely go hand in hand when it comes to timber products. The price tag is a dead giveaway of what materials have been used in the production of the article, but do not be easily fooled just by the price. Make sure to question the salesperson with regards to the material, and personally inspect the item – see whether it is sturdy enough, and whether there are any signs of damage, warping or the like. Also check that proper nails and screws have been used – some wooden articles have stapling!

• Levelling – the next point you should be cautious of is whether the article is properly levelled or not. For example, if you are looking to buy an extension dining tables Sydney, you should check first whether the table sits balanced and upright without the extension drawn out; and then check if there any changes when the extension is drawn out.

• Woodworms and boreholes – another major point you should dwell on is whether the wooden product is infested with woodworms and the like. Woodworms gnaw at the wood, leaving small heaps of wood crumbs beneath furniture. Tap the article and see if any dust or wood crumbs fall – if it does, then give up on the article right away.

• Colour – prior to the application of the natural stain, you should check whether the colour is appropriate, especially in the case of lighter coloured articles. Wet your fingers and slide them across the article – the colour that you will see will be its end colour once varnished.

• Extra pointers – besides the above, there are some extra pointers you have to take into condition when buying a chest of drawers, make sure to pay attention to whether guides are present or not. Drawer guides are small pieces of wood that facilitate the movement of the drawer; without them, you risk binding the drawer when pulling it out or pushing it back in. Another example would be with chairs: you have to make sure that they do not shake and are properly balanced.

Whilst the above are good points to keep in mind when buying wooden furniture, they largely apply to brand new furniture – in antique or second-hand wooden furniture items, you will have a much larger list of points to check such as the varnish, warping, etc.