Things To Know When Arranging Your Living Room

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The most useful space in your house is your living room and it is the place where all your visitors get to stay at, so your living room has to be properly arranged to give your visitors a feeling of welcome and also maximum comfort. Sometimes, you may feel that your living room is so messy and you might not be able to think of a place to start cleaning up from. You will have to start by rearranging the living room.

Your living room has to be spacious ,so always keep your entry ways clear without any blockage and leave enough space in between furniture, to walk around in your living room without knocking into any furniture; have at least three feet of walking space. Pushing your furniture against the wall will make your living room feel less cozy. If you have rugs on your living room floor, don’t place the corners and edges of the rug in the walk way because it would cause people to trip. The major thing to worry about is the lightning of your living room because it makes you feel lively.

How to care for painted walls

The color that you use on your interior walls, will be the turning point of the way you feel in your living room. The best way to get your exterior and interior walls done properly is through residential painters in Gold Coast, they will ensure maximum satisfaction. After you’re completely done with your wall paintings, the caring for your interior and exterior walls doesn’t stop there, because you have to take maximum care of your walls. You should clean your walls occasionally. Get clean water into a paper towel or a rug and rub any stain on your wall, gently.

Don’t rub hard, as you will strip off the paint’s original texture. If the stain on your wall is being stubborn, apply a little soap on your paper towel or rug and try again. If it still doesn’t help, apply the soap on to the stain and after everything is done, rinse the wall with plain water. If your stain is waterborne, that is: wine, mustard, ketchup, etc; a wet paper towel or a rag, can be used to easily take the stain away but if your stain is an oil borne, that is: crayon, shoe polish, lipstick, etc you would have to use a mild soap . If you have serious cobwebs building up on your walls, it is okay to use a vacuum to clean your walls.

How to take care of indoor plants

Having indoor plants will make your house look beautiful and the indoor plants will also provide purified air. Taking care of indoor plants can be easy, if you know what you’re doing. Sunlight is one of the main things that keep the plants alive, so place your plants where they get enough of sunlight. Water your plants until you see water coming out from the pot and prevent planting in pots which has no holes underneath. Plants like cactus and succulents need less water but flowering plants need more water. Keep your eyes open for plant pests. Use a decorated pots to magnify the beauty provided by the plant to your house.