Tips On Creating Your Dream Home

We all know that a “home” is much more than bricks and a roof; it’s a feeling and a yearning at the end of a long day, something you long to return to at the end of a journey. It’s the smell of brewing coffee in the morning, the aroma of a Sunday dinner wafting through the air, the cozy nooks that you read in, and the familiar light that radiates from the windows when you drive towards it.
You may sleep in a five star hotel suite on your holiday but nothing feels comfortable as your comfy little bed at home. Is there anything that beats comfortably sun-downing on a Friday eve on your front porch, sipping on a hot cuppa? Don’t think so.

The kitchen

This is a place where memories are made. A dream kitchen need not be equipped with high-end technology, but be a well organized and a hygienic place at the most basic. If the space is a concern there are numerous ways to multiply the already available space. From magnetic jar lids to diy spice racks you will find numerous inexpensive ways to keep things compact and easy to reach. Creativity is key.

Living area

Naturally the biggest living space, this will be a personified representation of who you are and your family with your pass time activities and interests. You can really spice things up with a contrasting colored wall, or some rad paintings. You little diy projects, a photo collage on the wall, some hand sewn throws and cushions will give this area so much character.

If a little study area is one of your concerns, it’s best to equip it with real office furniture, because spending a long time sitting at a desk or at a computer puts stress on your body, and that means you need comfortable properly designed fixtures. Go ahead and add little concrete pots from Melbourne with some pretty succulents too.


Make this a place of calm and relaxation. Cleanliness comes as the first priority but after that it really is your blank canvas. A few fresh flowers or a pot of greenery, a nice smelling candle will make anyone who walks in feel like they are in a little special place of your home.

Garden and porch

A lot of chit-chats will take place here, or even secluded moments. Go with the whole vibe of the house: be it rustic, bohemian, sleek or eco, try to keep things comfortable and sturdy. If you have little spacious garden you can even have a pretty little concrete outdoor table with benches or lounge chairs.

A rule of thumb is to create what represents you. Be inspired from magazines and catalogues but diy projects and your own little creations will never be matched with anything that you see on them.